What Happens When You Lemon Law A Car

What happens when you lemon law a car

What Happens When You Lemon Law A Car

It is important to know what happens when you lemon law a car. What happens in the process when you lemon law a car is something a lot of people want to know. In this blog post, the lemon lawyer will explain many of the important steps and procedures involved.

Generally, what happens when you lemon law a car is that the automobile manufacturer provides you with a “buyback refund” or a “cash and keep” settlement. Additionally, what ends up happening in a consumer protection case depends on important factors such as your warranty, vehicle defects, repair attempts, and other elements.

Here we would like to answer some of the common questions regarding how this law works and what people should expect to occur. Usually people research this car law because their leased or purchased car is having problems or defects. Instead of the dealership quickly fixing the vehicle, the dealership often fails to repair or replace the vehicle within a reasonable number of attempts.

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Usually, the first thing that happens is that the authorized dealerships must be given a “reasonable opportunity” to repair or replace the car. Unfortunately, many times the dealership fails to uphold this obligation. However, they generally provide the consumer with car repair invoice documents that discuss these car issues.

Second, what happens in our law firm is that a lawyer provides a free case evaluation where we review the contents of those repair invoices. Depending on the level of problems you were having and the response of the dealership, we may find that you have a strong lemon law case. This may mean that you might be entitled to financial compensation.

Third, the attorney usually attempts to negotiate a successful settlement on your behalf. Typically, a demand letter is prepared including your repair invoices and a summary of what happened. If the case cannot come to a good settlement, it may be decided that the best road ahead would be to file a formal lawsuit against the car manufacturer.

List of what happens when you lemon law a car:

  • Your car has problems
  • You give the dealership a reasonable opportunity to repair or replace the vehicle
  • If the dealership fails to, you may consider negotiating a settlement against the manufacturer
  • When a settlement is not reached, a lawsuit might be filed
  • If you win, the manufacturer generally buys back the car or provides you with a “cash and keep” settlement.
  • And always keep in mind each case can be different and there are many important nuances and deadlines.

What Happens When You Lemon Law A Car?

What happens when you lemon law a car

If a settlement agreement is not reached with the manufacturer, often times the next step is to file a lemon lawsuit against them. In some cases, if they negligently denied to buy back your car, they may also be responsible to pay attorneys fees and civil penalties. This can often double or triple the settlement you receive in many instances.

With our law firm, what happens when you win a lemon law case is that we do not charge you any upfront fees. In fact, we only get paid if you win compensation and we generally get paid from the manufacturer. The client typically is not responsible to pay our legal fees out of their own pocket. This makes it very affordable to hire our law firm to help you.

In addition, if you continue making all of your car payments, a lemon law case usually does not hurt your credit score. Learn more about this consumer law process by calling us 24/7 for a free consultation today (800) 400-5050.

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