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Welcome to the lemon law attorney website. It is free to call the best lemon law attorney at (800) 400-5050. You should know your legal rights if you purchased or leased a car, truck, motorcycle, boat, appliance, or other vehicle. Continue reading this post to learn very helpful information written by the attorney himself.

Generally, attorney Jimmy Hanaie is the lemon law attorney. Always, he provides a free consultation where you can discuss your legal situation. Importantly, the law firm only gets paid if we win. Accordingly, if we do not win, our client is not required to pay any legal fees. Call (800) 400-5050.

We are affordable, because we only gets paid if our client wins. Thankfully, many unique ways to qualify exist. Did you know that the law applies to both leased or purchased cars sometimes. Additionally, if you have a used car, certified preowned, or new car, you should call us today. We can talk about your legal situation. Car dealerships and automobile manufactures should not take advantage of you illegally.

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Fighting For Consumer Rights.

We know that having a defective car is dangerous and frustrating. Nobody enjoys the feeling of their new car shaking, accelerating improperly, not starting, randomly shutting off, and other problems. Thankfully, most consumers rights laws are very beneficial. Always, begin by speaking with a lawyer immediately. A lot of serious problems can happen if a person delays their legal claim. For example, if the statute of limitations deadline expires, the person cannot start a legal claim.

Attorney Jimmy Hanaie.

If you are going to choose an attorney, pick a lawyer that has the confidence and experience required. Attorney Jimmy Hanaie has been a lawyer since the year 2013. He graduated from very prestigious law school UC Hastings. Jimmy also received a bachelors degree from UCLA during his undergraduate education. Dedicating his life to helping others, he has achieved a lot of success for many car consumers and other people. While being an aggressive attorney, he is also a very kind and caring person.

If We Don’t Win, You Don’t Pay.

You are not required to pay us any money upfront. It is completely free to speak with our law firm. Additionally, we work on a “contingency basis.” That means if our client does not win, our law firm simply does not get paid. Accordingly, the only time our law firm gets paid is when our client wins their legal case. So, hiring a lawyer is extremely affordable. Actually, there are many financial benefits from winning a lemon law claim.

Lemon Law Attorney

Any Vehicle Repairs?

Did you have any car repairs? Even if its the first time, we want to speak to you. Do not allow anyone from stopping you from speaking with a lawyer. You should certainly discuss your problems with a law firm. A lawyer would be happy to speak to you. Usually, serious problems include engine problems, defective transmission, and much more. Car manufacturers can try to confuse, manipulate, and mistreat you. However, when they know that you have a powerful attorney, this sometimes cause them to transact more fairly. So, people can benefit from having a top lawyer on their side.

Gathering Evidence.

Collecting evidence is a big part of a legal claim. If your car is having problems, you should always tell the dealership. Usually, depending on your car warranty, the dealership will diagnose and repair the problem. Afterwards, they will provide you with repair documents. These documents explain the customer’s complaints, the problems found, and the repair procedures performed. Typically, car dealerships are required to repair or replace the vehicle with a reasonable amount of time. So, even if your problems stopped happening, you should always speak with a lawyer.

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Call (800) 400-5050 for a free consultation. Discuss your legal situation with our law firm now. You deserve respect from automobile dealerships and car manufacturers. Even if you are not sure if you qualify, call our law firm today. Contact our lawyer day or night, 7 days a week. Call the phone number or complete the online contact form to request to speak with an attorney today.